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bed bath store Reviews and Ratings, Online Review of bed bath store, Customer Reviews of bed bath store

Bed Bath Store Reviews

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Bed Bath Store has been rated 5 times and has a rating of 2.00 2 out of 5 stars

I ordered curtains from the Bed Bath Store. They were not what I wanted, so I returned them. I had confirmation that they were received but they have never reimbursed me. No one at their phone center can help and emails are not responded to. I turned them over to the NY Attorney General's office. Do not do business with these people!
service is allways good
Placed order for a bedroom set about 4 weeks ago...when ordere was placed I was instantly charged on my CC. Website stated it would arrive withone 1 week...well after waiting 3 weeks I looked on site and it still stated one to 2 week to receive order...I emailed them about order and they responded that they would look into it and get back tom e within 24 hours....they never got back to me. It has now been 4 weeks and no sign as of I have cancelled my the hopes that I will receive my refund shortly. Very poor service, very unreliable shopping experience.
I ordered curtains from over 3 weeks ago. When I placed the order my confirmation stated I would receive them in 1-2 weeks. After about 1 1/2 weeks I contacted them and a very rude Allison told me I would be receiving them, and I was told it would be a wait when I placed the order, so just wait...a few more days went by and I emailed her again as it was over 2 weeks...same answer...I will receive them when they ship from the company...just wait as my confirmation said..1-2 weeks...after 3 weeks I contacted her again ...she said she would contact the company and she would get back to me in 24 hours...then, in 24 hours I again contacted her to be told the company does not have them any longer. A good company rep would have put forth a bit of effort and checked for me the first or even the second time I contacted her. This is not the first problem I have had with customer service at this company. There are many other places to shop...I found the same curtains at for half the price...try them!
I placed my order on 5/15 , a small part of the order was delivered on 5/22 with a packing slip that the majority of the order would be shipped directly from the manufacturor. On 5/25 my bank account was debited for the amount of the entire order. I sent 3 emails and 1 phone call, with no response from Bed Bath Store at all. Finally on 6/13 I received an email referring to the tracking number of the order I had already received. Miraculously, the rest of the order was delivered the same day. They didn't seem to have a problem processing the order and taking the money, but customer service to help with delivery was non-existant. I will NOT place an order from this company again.
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